Website Design Process

We understand that not every client has the same needs and wants out of a search engine friendly website. That is why our award winning websites will incorporate your needs and wants to best display your business in the most professional way possible. With our three step website design process you are guaranteed to get a website that you love and will provide your business with qualified and relevant traffic.


Planning your website is the most important step of the website design process. By sitting down with our clients, we are able to gain an understanding of who you are, what you do, and what you want, which are the three key components to having a successful website. Without these three parts, customers who visit your website will not have a clear understanding of your business, your product or service and how to purchase or contact you about what you are selling or offering. Your website has to suit your needs and that is why the planning process is crucial to the success of your business.


After we have come up with your plan, we then take what you want and put that into a design format. Our web designers come up with a mock-up of what we think your website could look like and from there we piece together your website to your liking. After we have come up with a design including colors, pictures, pages, and a navigation tool bar, we design a final mock-up for your approval.


After our final prototype is approved we start turning your website dream into a reality. We will start coding your website right away. Once our web designers have finished designing your website, we meet with you to review your website and get your final approval. Upon completion and approval, we will launch your site and give you all the information and training tools you need to understand how to use your website to the best of its ability.