Website Design FAQS

Why Should I Choose Your Design Services?
Our professional website design & development team has helped many businesses expand their web presence with our search engine friendly websites. Our experts of artistic and creative graphic designers and programmers will create a website that you’ll be proud of and will love to show off to your friends, family and online competition. Since we are a marketing and website design company we are able to implement all the latest search engine optimization techniques onto all of our websites. We know our professional website design and development team are the experts you need to build your website and online presence.


Can’t I Build My Website Myself?
Yes, you can build a website yourself, but what many people don’t realize how much work goes into the design process and inevitably, many give up after spending many hours and lots of money. If you lack the necessary software, programming and design skills, designing your website yourself can end up being a much more complicated task then you imagined. Our extensive knowledge and skills allow us to create websites that exceed our client’s expectations. All of our designs are experienced in graphic and visual design, HTML coding, content management systems, databases, shopping carts and more.


How Long Does It Take To Design A Website?
Every website design is different and timelines can vary significantly. On average a wordpress website or utilizing a content management system, with around 5 to 15 pages without a shopping cart and other fancy plugins, our timeline is between 4 to 6 weeks. For larger websites that have more than 15 pages or are implementing a shopping cart, the timelines can be much harder to project based on content, graphics, shopping cart products and so much more. We recommend contacting us for a quote based on your individual needs.


What Can Speed Up or Hold Up My Website Design Timeline?
Much of the website design process is based on time. While we can give a timeline of 4 to 6 weeks or longer for larger websites, this can vary significantly based on website content and graphics. For instance, our designers can build a website in a couple weeks, but many times customers do not provide our designers with the content and graphics needed to finish the website in the stated timeline. In Lehman’s terms, the quicker you provide our designers with content and graphics, the quicker your website can be designed and launched.


What Is The Easiest Way To Send Designers Content & Graphics?
Our designers use a program called DropBox to sync all content and graphics. We will send you a link to your personal DropBox file where you can upload all your content & graphics and our designers can easily access it.


I Have A Website, Now What?
Now that your website is complete, we recommend looking into our online marketing services. With online marketing advertisers such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, these search engines drive traffic to your website in the hopes of creating sales or gaining a new customers. We offer several kinds of online marketing services, such as pay per click and search engine optimization. Extreme Marketing Concepts also offers special pricing and package deals for customers interested in purchasing a website and online marketing services.