Web Design

First impressions can only take you so far. Effective website design requires a balance of creativity and adherence to best practices for conversion optimization and search engine optimization. Our award winning website designs can turn potential customers into buyers and at times, occasional buyers into brand ambassadors.

Your website must quickly make a positive impression on sophisticated customers, or you risk sending them away because they feel frustrated from not finding what they’re looking for. Consumers nowadays are bombarded with information left and right from email, smart phones, tablets, television, and the Internet itself. Whether you offer top notch products and services, if your website doesn’t visually communicate what you really want to say, then visitors won’t bother looking around on your website.

Extreme Marketing Concepts partners with you to define your company brand, your overall website purpose, your products and services, and your audience. Once your website design is established, we create and develop a comprehensive website that is user-friendly, quick to download, and unique to your company brand. Our most popular websites are created in WordPress and Drupal. These types of site are more accessible to the major search engines, have higher quality scores and ranks higher in the natural listings. We also work with many shopping carts for e-commerce websites such as Lemon Stand, Magento, Cart 66, Yahoo and more.

Whether you choose a WordPress or Drupal site, content management system or shopping cart, we team with our search engine optimization specialists to develop a framework structure and interface that will help magnify the capabilities of your pay per click and search engine optimization marketing, leading you to the quality customers that you want.

Extreme Marketing Concepts provides that sophisticated search engine friendly website design, visually hooking visitors so that they stay to learn more about your business’s products or services. Let Extreme Marketing Concepts help your business make a great first impression.