Real-Time Marketing Success

chalkboard-1280967_1920How Local Business Owners Can Be successful at Real-Time Marketing

Major news stories break each day, but it is extremely hard for most local businesses to constantly monitor the web. We do have offline duties to keep an organization running smoothly, after all. Certain new stories and events, even so, should be watched closely thanks to the chance they will create big stories.

Ensure Some Relation to Company

It is not hard to leap on a Twitter trend with a random advertising message, but this message must be relatable to what is taking place. What did Oreo and the Super Bowl share? Outwardly nothing, but they were still able to link both in a creative way. Strive for this.

Schedule Time Aside for Big Events

While it is always good for businesses to have someone on standby monitoring the internet for any huge breaking story, this often just isn’t feasible. After all, we have to participate in the offline world from time to time. There are actually certain events, though, that companies should look closely at since they are likely to result in huge stories.

Oreo pulled this off by staying abreast of Super Bowl happenings, but there are many more events where staying up to the mark can pay off as well. Whether it is the Academy awards or a huge local concert, people will be talking online. Coming up with clever ways to capitalize on this chatter is the mark of an effective real-time marketing expert.

Follow Industry Leaders

The only way to efficiently engage in real-time marketing is to stay abreast of what is happening. Following industry leaders is an amazing way to do this. When preparing for large events like the Academy awards, though, one must always follow people linked to the event. This can include presenters, hosts and even entertainment news sources.

While more hours should be spent on other marketing techniques, preparing for and investing hours into real-time marketing can pay substantial dividends. Companies aren’t guaranteed to knock one out of the park each and every time, but even one achievement can garner massive attention.

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