Search Engine Optimization FAQ

What Is Your Approach to Search Engine Optimization?
At Extreme Marketing Concepts, we approach search engine optimization in many different ways. First we will do a full examination of your website and run a detailed report to see how your website performs, if you have any inbound links, broken links, speed and more. Once this first step is complete we meet with our clients to discuss areas that are performing well and areas where we need to update, change and fix in order to grow your website. We will also recommend that we remove items such as flash, meta-tags and keywords, and other factors that impair a successful SEO strategy. In our second phase we will work to improve your URL structure, titles and descriptions, create high quality in-bound links through online directories, implement a blog, social networking, press releases and more. Search engine optimization takes a lot of time, and every client is different that’s why we customize our SEO strategies to give clients the best results.

How Are Websites Ranked?

The easy answer would be to say websites are ranked in the search engines by the most relative information; however there is an extremely complex algorithm which takes into account hundreds of variables on millions of webpages. These algorithms change consistently and take into account the content on webpages, titles and descriptions, site load time, in-bound links, age of site and many more factors. Search Engine Optimization is a complex endeavor which takes a deep understanding of the search engines and a lot of work. Our proven search engine optimization techniques have helped hundreds of websites rank higher in the natural listings and we continually work to update our skills and use the latest algorithm requirements.

What Are Bad Practices For Search Engine Optimization?

There are many “black hat” techniques that companies use that will result in getting a website penalized or banned from the search engines. These tactics try to coax the search engines into giving you high rankings to beat your competitors. Some of these techniques include hidden text, duplicate content, link farms which increase in-bound links and meta-tags with extra verbiage. Extreme Marketing Concepts only uses “white hat” techniques to help our customers rank higher in the search engines and comply with all search engine rules and regulations.

Can You Guarantee I’ll Be #1?

Our goal is to provide our clients with outstanding search engine optimization service, but it is impossible for us to guarantee that you will be ranked to any specific number in any specific time frame. We have helped many clients succeed online and rank higher in the natural listings, but to guarantee #1 is not a practice used by any ethical search engine optimization company.

Who Changes My Website To Be Search Engine Friendly?

Extreme Marketing Concepts can make the appropriate changes to your website to make it search engine friendly, while always advising and communicating to our clients the changes we suggest or make. We can also work directly with your web designer or webmaster if your company prefers to make changes that way.