Search Engine Optmization Setup

Search Engine Optimization can be complicated, time consuming and expensive, but with Extreme Marketing Concepts, we can take all your worries and frustrations away. Our clients love our search engine optimization services because we use only tried and true techniques to gain you qualified and relevant traffic in the natural listings.

Research & Audit

When we begin our SEO techniques, we will analyze your business and take a deep look into the products or service you offer as well as your competitors in your industry. By doing this we are able to gain a full understanding of where you are at with your marketing and where this places you against your competition. This analysis gives us the benchmark we need to create the game plan for reaching your optimized goals.

Your Website

Your website needs to be user friendly and easy to navigate through for both the customer and search engines. We will provide you with technical support and guidance to help enhance your website and make it as search engine friendly as possible. Some of the ways we do this are by:


The use of optimized content is an important part of search engine optimization. All of the content on your website must be unique and one of a kind, no duplicate content. By using unique content, we are gaining credibility with the search engines while creating more pages for your website making you easier to be found naturally.

Internal Link Building

Internal link building is the use of links that go from one page on your website to a different page on the same website. This internal linking strategy is useful for three reasons; it allows users to navigate the website more efficiently, helps establish information hierarchy and spread “link juice” ranking power around your website. Internal link building relies heavily on the content of your website and the creation of new web pages.

External Link Building

One of the most time consuming parts of search engine optimization is external link building. With external link building we will put your website on relevant, industry specific, highly visited websites and associations that will help grow your website exposure. These sites will help customers find your website easier and will build up your external linking strategy.