PPC Setup

Pay per click advertising is one of the Internets fastest growing marketing techniques in the industry today. In this extremely competitive industry, you will need a pay per click management company that will be dedicated to helping you achieve success online with your competitors. Extreme Marketing Concepts approach is to commit an endless amount of time, research and analysis about your business and your products against your competitors to achieve a realistic approach that will being you qualified and relevant traffic.

Keywords & Research

When we start your pay per click campaign we will look over and research an extensive list of competitive keywords for your company, industry, product and service. We want to make sure that we understand who you are, who your competitors are and what you do or sell, so we can ultimately help you succeed.

Ad Creation & Testing

After your keyword creation is complete, our next step is to create AdGroup specific ads targeted to your product or service. These text ads need to be appealing so they catch the searches attention and call them to action. We will not just create one ad and call it a day. We create at least two ads and watch the performance of both to see which ad drives more customers to your site. With this data we are able to create more ads & change ads to increase your conversion rate.

Target Your Customers

With your pay per click campaign we want to deliver the right product or service to the right customer at the right time. We are able to do this with our extensive keyword lists, ad creation and testing, conversion tracking and Google Analytics to see who, where and what people are looking for. Understanding these things are key to helping your pay per click campaign succeed.