Should Your Local Business Use PPC Ads?

PPC-blocksShould Your Local Business use PPC Ads?

So is pay per click (PPC) advertising not for local business? We think it is actually, and we have a number of points that you ought to consider when you decide if it’s a good fit for your local business.

There are a number of pros as well as some cons, so let’s get right into it.

Here are some of the pros of PPC for local business

  • Can be less expensive than SEO – Since there are various budget controls built into the PPC platforms, you are able to manage your costs wisely. This isn’t possible with an SEO campaign, for which you typically are shelling out a large sum up front.
  • You can get near instant results – While an SEO campaign may take a long time to bear fruit, (during which time the Google search algorithm will have changed necessitating you needing to do it all again!) with PPC you know how your campaign is working within hours after it starts.
  • Can get you multiple first page listings – Even if you’re ranked on the first page, you might still wish to run PPC ads to take a larger share of the virtual real estate there, bringing you more visitors and more profits.
  • Far easier to target a precise audience – Using targeted keywords and interests, you’ll be able to laser target your most suitable audience.
  • You can easily track and measure results – The back offices of any of the major PPC platforms offer you all the stats you could ask for in regards to tracking and measuring your results.
  • Can aid your SEO campaign – Built deep into Google’s secret search algorithm, traffic and social interaction play a substantial role. Your PPC ads can help with this.

The cons to using PPC for a local business are basically three:

  • Learning Curve – Each of the major PPC platforms, Google, Facebook and Bing, all have their eccentricities, and you need to learn this information to run effective campaigns.
  • Costs – You’ll need a budget, and your efforts and revenues will be dictated by the size of it. Also, you’ll need discipline not to blow through your ad budget on an unprofitable campaign, and know when to end it.
  • Keywords research – Essential for PPC. You’ll either need to do this yourself or outsource it to someone who knows how.

Implementing PPC for local business could be a very profitable strategy to use. Take the time to learn and allocate a decent budget and see it work for you.

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