How to Keep Up with your Social Media Online

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Social media is a fantastic tool. It can allow you to reach thousands of people with the click of a mouse. It could also be a tsunami of bad news in the event you fail to monitor your social channels on a daily basis. Making sure you are knowledgeable of the conversations happening in regards to you and your brand online is or needs to be regular part of your online reputation management. This could have a very beneficial effect on both keeping a lid on brewing problems in addition to improving the chances for conversions. The question always is how to do this without spending hours online. The good thing is that it can be done quickly and efficiently.

How to keep up with your social media online

  • Social media monitoring tools like TweetDeck or HootSuite are crucial when it comes to saving time, and viewing most if not all of your social media in one place. They are simple to use, have free versions, and will make it easy to get in the habit of checking on your social media daily.
  • Since Google has recently decided to end Google Reader and Google Alerts appears to be broken, marketers who have relied on these useful services are left scrambling to find viable alternatives to get and read newsfeeds. A few you might consider are NewsBlur, AOL Reader and for mobile, Flipboard. For Google Alerts try TalkWalker or Social Mention.
  • Scan for questions or comments on your blog, social networks, videos, and your Facebook pages. Answer anything urgent, particularly those that are unhappy or confused about your products or services. This can head off loads of trouble!

However you decide to do it, be sure you actually carve out the time in your busy schedule to make this happen every day. Unsatisfied customers and unresolved issues will fester and turn into major headaches if you let them. Furthermore, this type of problem will often take on a life of its own, magnifying what started out as a small fire into a major conflagration! Don’t let this happen to you!

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