How Blogging Attracts New Customers to a Business

blogging-336375_640How Enterprises Can Bring in Customers by Blogging

Search Engine Optimization Assistance

Whether you are advertising and marketing a local business or a national corporation, you want to be on Page 1 of Google. Over 90% of traffic coming out of Google is produced by the first page of results, so Page 2 simply is not an option. Luckily, blogging increases your online presence, backlinks, and helps in a variety of other ways to increase your organic reach and land near the top on search engines. This means a lot more people see you, and more people will come in.

Existing Customers Become Ambassadors

One of the most effective benefits of having a blog is the fact that you may make easily shareable content to publish on your social media pages. The key here is to ensure that your information is actually practical. If you sell swimming pools, a nice blog post titled, “Everything You Need for an Amazing Summer Vacation” would likely do well for your company. If a blog post is beneficial your followers will share it, and this equates to more eyes on your content.

Showcase Yourself as an Industry Thought Leader

Blogging is a type of inbound marketing, and this means customers are actually seeking you out as opposed to you going after them. If they are looking for information and find it on your small company blog, you suddenly become a qualified resource for them. This can set you up as a marketplace thought leader, and people are far more likely to do business with someone they trust than someone they do not even know.

Just like social media marketing, blogging is becoming less of an option and much more of a necessity. Don’t get left behind.  Need Help?    Extreme Marketing Concepts is here to help.  Contact us today.

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