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Having a website is as important as having a phone number for your business. Not all websites in Tampa are equal. A pretty website is like a billboard in the desert, no one sees it. A website should be a marketing tool that helps you generate leads and sales while at the same time reducing advertising costs. We are constantly amazed to hear that “web designers” charge over $5,000 for a simple web site in Tampa with other sites going over the $10,000 range. No wonder some people do not have websites.

At Extreme Marketing Concepts believe it is possible to have a great looking and effective website that costs much less. A big part of our time is spent consulting on website redesign. Remember that web designers are not marketers. Therefore even though they may create a beautiful site it is worthless if it does not move people to buy.

As marketers who learned web design we have a huge advantage as we know what works to convert visitors into buyers on the internet. We will be able to create you a site that is visually pleasing, organized, is manageable and converts web prospects.

After we meet with you about your site it usually takes about 2 weeks to complete your design and have it live.

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 Terri Bork

Extreme Marketing Concepts


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