Confused About Google+?

ggpIs Google+ Worth the Time and Effort?

So, have you logged into your Google+ account today, or updated your company page lately? Quite possibly not, even though this is a rather common scenario playing out across the Web, as Google+ struggles to uncover its audience and usefulness. Many people are still divided, and the jury is still certainly out as to whether Google+ is or ever can be a viable tool for business.

Why we feel it’s worthwhile now and in the future!

One shocking fact that really doesn’t ring true (yet) is that Google+ has become larger in terms of reach than Twitter. This is undoubtedly a result of the proliferation of Gmail and the simplicity of having Google’s entire suite of web services at your fingertips. Since Google Plus Local Listings already include such small business services as Zagat, StreetView and Google+ User ratings, it has effectively replaced Yelp.

The development of Google Hangouts, for instance, has a direct effect on where Google+ is headed as well. The ability to use a Hangout, instead of say Skype, to do any sort of video conferencing, is a tremendous advantage. While it’s true that in its beginnings Hangouts is a little clunky and difficult to grasp, once you do, it’s miles ahead of the competition. The ability to have your Hangout automatically recorded and uploaded to YouTube is enough to swing the scales in its favor.

So how are businesses using Google+?

There are a number of uses of Google+ in your small business. Here is just a few:

  • Build networks of like-minded individuals with Google+ Circles
  • Use #hashtags as a way for posts appear in Google search
  • Be sure and Link Google+ to your blog or site, and obtain the Google Authorship benefit in the search pages
  • Do live video chat with Google Hangouts
  • Use tags to reach out to people directly

Google+ may not seem like it’s worthy of effort just yet, but we feel as though it is both in the present and long-term! ¬†Want to get started with google+ in your business? ¬†Contact Extreme Marketing Concepts today at 813-863-1452.

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