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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Going with Online Marketing


5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Going with Online Marketing Congratulations! You’ve decided to take your business online, now it’s time to get started with some marketing. We’re assuming that you have the basics: a website with your own URL, not built on anyone else’s platform. (i.e. Blogger, Wix, etc) You want to own your […]

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How to Keep Up with your Social Media Online

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What You Don’t Know About Your Social Media Can Hurt You! Social media is a fantastic tool. It can allow you to reach thousands of people with the click of a mouse. It could also be a tsunami of bad news in the event you fail to monitor your social channels on a daily basis. […]

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How to Be Proactive with Bad Online Reviews

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Don’t Let Bad Reviews Sink Your Ship! Everyone’s got an opinion, and unfortunately as a business owner some of those opinions can cause your business a lot of trouble. Managing your online reputation is a must-do item on your daily checklist. Neglect to do so, and you may find people deserting you in hoards. Bad […]

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How Much Trust Do Consumers Put Into Online Reviews?

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How Much Trust Do Consumers Put Into Online Reviews? Myles Anderson of BrightLocal recently released the 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey at SearchEngineLand. What is eye-catching within the study is that there are precise and unquestionable results that we can easily see. What we learned provides us four distinct takeaways. More people are trusting online […]

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Confused About Google+?


Is Google+ Worth the Time and Effort? So, have you logged into your Google+ account today, or updated your company page lately? Quite possibly not, even though this is a rather common scenario playing out across the Web, as Google+ struggles to uncover its audience and usefulness. Many people are still divided, and the jury […]

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How to Leverage Facebook Graph Search


What to Make of Facebook Graph Search? The latest in a never-ending stream of Facebook rollouts is now here, and it’s called Facebook Graph Search. This is Facebook’s newest entry into the search game, and it looks like they’ve really found a new and different vein. Still in Beta, Facebook Graph Search might not yet […]

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Reputation Management Tips


Online Reputation Management – What Are They Saying About You? Spend any time wondering about your online reputation management? That’s what I thought! As per a study by Erik Qualman of nearly three-quarters of consumers say they trust the information provided by online reviews. Also some 80 percent have changed their mind about purchasing […]

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