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Facebook Instant Articles For Businesses

Facebook Instant Articles Ideal For Small businesses

Are Facebook Instant Articles Ideal For Small Businesses? While this may seem like a bad idea at first glance, there are actually a range of benefits to using this social media tool. Futhermore, you can have Facebook insert ads itself and you will still get a large portion of the earned revenue. Instant Articles will […]

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Why SEO Important For Local Businesses

seo local business

Why Is SEO Necessary For Local Businesses Paying for ads on certain platforms has its many benefits for local business, but the usefulness of search engine ads is decreasing. This doubtlessly has something to do with the fact that 70-80% of online users avoid paid ads on search engines. A recent survey found that about […]

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Social Media Marketing Failure

social media mistake

The Social Media Marketing Failures That Can Damage a Brand When planning out social media posts, the 80/20 rule says that no more than 20 percent should specifically advertise products or services. All of the other posts should be industry related, but obviously promotional posts should not be over utilized. Followers want real value instead of […]

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Combining Social Media & Offline Marketing

social media

3 Strategies for Combining Social Media and Offline Marketing Hashtags often generate a 50 percent increase in online engagement for brands that utilize them. that doesn’t mean, however, that you should only use them online. Upon getting a short and clever hashtag, integrate it in most, if not all, of your ads. Whether it is […]

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Real-Time Marketing Success


How Local Business Owners Can Be successful at Real-Time Marketing Major news stories break each day, but it is extremely hard for most local businesses to constantly monitor the web. We do have offline duties to keep an organization running smoothly, after all. Certain new stories and events, even so, should be watched closely thanks […]

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3 Marketing Lessons Small Businesses Can Take From Uber


Here are 3 Marketing Lessons small business can take from Uber. Shape Partnerships To extend its reach and marketability, Uber has formed partnerships with places like Virgin America. Small businesses can do this as well. This usually only works when teaming with companies outside of your industry, but it works well. Restaurants, theme parks, rental car […]

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How Local Businesses Can Market On Twitter In 2016


How Local Businesses Can Promote On Twitter In 2016 It may sound peculiar to use a Facebook feature to marketing with Twitter, but it does add up. Local business owners can now publish blogs and articles instantly to Facebook through their Instant Articles instrument. Twitter will be replying by testing something similar in 2016. By […]

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How Local Businesses Can Promote on a Budget In 2016


Start Automating Your Company’s Marketing so you can promote your business on a budget.  Here are some simple steps you can take today. Make Internet site Mobile-Friendly If your internet site is not already mobile-friendly, it is time to make the switch. Consumers are increasingly online on smart devices, and many surf the web on […]

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Lead Generation Strategies that Won’t Break the Bank


Lead Generation Techniques that Won’t Crack the Bank Always give a call to action, or better yet, a sign-up form, when attracting new clients with these videos. Video is a key part of content marketing, and since content marketing lessens the cost of leads by 13%, it’s simply not smart to pass up this opportunity. […]

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How Blogging Attracts New Customers to a Business


How Enterprises Can Bring in Customers by Blogging Search Engine Optimization Assistance Whether you are advertising and marketing a local business or a national corporation, you want to be on Page 1 of Google. Over 90% of traffic coming out of Google is produced by the first page of results, so Page 2 simply is […]

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