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Marketing Automation Software – What Is It and How to Use It


Marketing Automation Software – What Is It and How to Use It A lot of people mistakenly think that marketing automation software is just for for email marketing. While it undoubtedly had its birth there, what we’re referring to is a far more complex application. According to Wikipedia, Marketing Automation refers to software platforms designed […]

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Copy Writing

copy writing extreme marketing concepts

How to Write Persuasive Copy There may very well be no more fundamental task for a content provider than to make sure you are persuasive with your copy. Sounds simple, right? Just up until you’ve tried it, perhaps. You will discover a reason top copywriters get paid the big bucks. Never fear yet. You needn’t […]

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Small Business Innovation


Innovation isn’t only for the big dogs! In today’s world, we are finding that more and more small businesses are not able to lead the way in innovation.  You might be asking yourself why that may be so.  It is not for lack or trying or desire.  It is simply that smaller businesses do not have […]

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How to Take Advantage of Instagram Marketing at Your Business


Some Very Good Reasons to Use Instagram in Your Small Business Marketing Instagram Marketing is a way for small business to engage and grow their reach.  This tool is a free online photo sharing and social network platform acquired by Facebook in 2012. Instagram allows members users to upload, edit and share photos with other […]

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