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3 Small Business Marketing Tips

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3 Small Company Marketing Tricks For Success In today’s social media there are many ways to get your message out to the market and here are 3 marketing tricks that your small business can use for success. Reusing Old Content Even small enterprises that have nominal social media reach put out a few posts that […]

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The Perfect Idea for Content Marketing

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┬áComing Up with the right Idea for Content Marketing It can be difficult coming up with all the variables in your content marketing. Blogs and articles need more than just superb content, they also demand a representative title. Regrettably, this will not necessarily result in viral status. A title must call out to individuals to […]

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Lead Generation Strategies that Won’t Break the Bank


Lead Generation Techniques that Won’t Crack the Bank Always give a call to action, or better yet, a sign-up form, when attracting new clients with these videos. Video is a key part of content marketing, and since content marketing lessens the cost of leads by 13%, it’s simply not smart to pass up this opportunity. […]

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How Blogging Attracts New Customers to a Business


How Enterprises Can Bring in Customers by Blogging Search Engine Optimization Assistance Whether you are advertising and marketing a local business or a national corporation, you want to be on Page 1 of Google. Over 90% of traffic coming out of Google is produced by the first page of results, so Page 2 simply is […]

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The Ice Bucket Challenge and Social Media Marketing Gold

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The Ice Bucket Challenge left us with several social media lessons involving viral content. The biggest blunder you could make is thinking that viral potential is out of your reach. Getting Seen is Half the Battle People taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge had the choice between dousing themselves or donating to the cause. […]

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Small Business Marketing Strategies That Save Money


Cost-Efficient Small Company Marketing Strategies To Use People are fickle by nature. It is easy for them to forget things if they are not regularly advised. Knowing this, it is best to send out emails a minimum of every week. Make sure when you send these, though, that you’ve got something worth hearing. Sending out […]

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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Going with Online Marketing


5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Going with Online Marketing Congratulations! You’ve decided to take your business online, now it’s time to get started with some marketing. We’re assuming that you have the basics: a website with your own URL, not built on anyone else’s platform. (i.e. Blogger, Wix, etc) You want to own your […]

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Why Your Content Marketing Has No Afterlife


You’ve Written Great Content – So Why Isn’t It Going Viral? You work your tail off getting your content to a place where you feel as though the Pope himself will be in awe, however when you post it, it has all the impact of a bowl of wet noodles. Nobody reads, no one shares, […]

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Why You Need to Look into Visual Marketing


See How Visual Marketing Can be a Key to More Traffic and Sales One of the most rapidly growing segments of content marketing is a little something called visual marketing. Basically this involves utilizing and optimizing images within content and as content, and then taking advantage of the enormous reach and viral nature of social […]

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Great Ways To Use Humor In Your Marketing

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Humor is great to use in marketing. ┬áThe great 19th Century Irish playwright and humorist Oscar Wilde uttered these last words: “Either this wallpaper goes, or I do.” Why some enterprising wallpaper company hasn’t used this is beyond me, however it does go to demonstrate […]

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