Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition

brand-recognitionDisney, McDonald’s and  Walmart are #1 brands for a reason  You have a great product, a cool logo, a company identity and a mission statement. You’re all geared up to go. Now what? Getting people to associate your industry with you is the next big step. That’s where Extreme Marketing Concepts steps in. We position your product in front of the right people to make you the expert in your industry.

Brand Recognition 101
Brand recognition is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign. When you’re the most recognized brand in your industry you automatically become the default “go-to” organization for that service.

Be the most prominent brand

More than 80% of consumers research the internet before making a buying decision. Over 70% of clicks are through the first 3 search results in Google. If your content isn’t on the first page of Google it is not getting seen.  With traditional Search Engine Optimization you’re focusing 90% of your efforts on 1 web site in the hopes that it will someday be in one of those top 3 positions. However, that’s still only 1 chance of being viewed. By using less traditional SEO & moving towards more dynamic methods of eMarketing you’re able to achieve a much larger impression on your audience.

An alternative might be In using video marketing. Extreme Marketing Concepts is able to promote your business through a medium that prospects love, is given an incredibly high level of importance by gGoogle and dramatically increases your chances of being seen. Instead of one instance of being seen with traditional on-page SEO, your clients are able to view your message through thousands of different marketing channels.

Be The Most Generous Person You Know!

The days of traditional marketing are gone. We are working in an era where customers are more informed, have more options and do considerably more research. In order to set yourself apart your clients need to love you!

You do this by constantly providing no-catch valuable practical information that they can benefit from now. Traditional selling does not work anymore. You need to be liked, trusted and respected before someone is willing to buy from you. By being one of the few companies in your industry to give away as much as possible, you position yourself to be a market leader and will have raving fans!

This flooding of valuable content across the web places your company in the limelight and makes you the expert.  Need help, Extreme Marketing Concepts is a phone call away.  Give us a call today at 813-863-1452 for all your brand recognition needs.

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