The Perfect Idea for Content Marketing

content marketing

 Coming Up with the right Idea for Content Marketing It can be difficult coming up with all the variables in your content marketing. Blogs and articles need more than just superb content, they also demand a representative title. Regrettably, this will not necessarily result in viral status. A title must call out to individuals to […]

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Marketing Lessons From Watching Football

marketing lessons

What Football Can Show Us about Marketing A football team will fail on the field if every single player is not doing their job. When advertising, this applies as well. Sure email and social media marketing are important, but they cannot succeed alone. Several marketing platforms must be employed if success is to be attained. […]

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LinkedIn Marketing


How LinkedIn Is Capable Of Marketing and advertising Success Marketing is rapidly moving out of the offline world, and because of this, it is very important to utilize as many online tactics as possible. Sadly, some companies overlook the potential of LinkedIn marketing, but those who do use the site will undoubtedly achieve greater results in […]

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Facebook Instant Articles For Businesses

Facebook Instant Articles Ideal For Small businesses

Are Facebook Instant Articles Ideal For Small Businesses? While this may seem like a bad idea at first glance, there are actually a range of benefits to using this social media tool. Futhermore, you can have Facebook insert ads itself and you will still get a large portion of the earned revenue. Instant Articles will […]

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Why SEO Important For Local Businesses

seo local business

Why Is SEO Necessary For Local Businesses Paying for ads on certain platforms has its many benefits for local business, but the usefulness of search engine ads is decreasing. This doubtlessly has something to do with the fact that 70-80% of online users avoid paid ads on search engines. A recent survey found that about […]

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Television Ads For Local Businesses?

television ads

The Day of Television Ads Has Not Yet Passed Buyers want brands that will connect with them, and television ads provide a unique occasion to do that. TV ads have to be personable. Since numerous studies have proven that brands who create real connections with their clientele often charge more than their competitors without having to […]

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Trade Shows For Local Business Marketing

trade show

Can Trade Shows Benefit Local Company Marketing? While trade shows are not right for all businesses, the marketing opportunity is definitely there. Look at the costs and benefits you will get from such an event, and if it makes sense, a trade show may be just what your company needs. Opens Up Time for Other […]

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Social Media Marketing Failure

social media mistake

The Social Media Marketing Failures That Can Damage a Brand When planning out social media posts, the 80/20 rule says that no more than 20 percent should specifically advertise products or services. All of the other posts should be industry related, but obviously promotional posts should not be over utilized. Followers want real value instead of […]

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How To Use Snapchat Effectively in Marketing


How to Use Snapchat Effectively in Marketing Snapchat is like other social media platforms where building contests is a simple process. Maybe followers could enter a contest by means of recording themselves using one of your products. There are even businesses that host “Snapchat scavenger hunts” on the platform. In these, followers need only post videos of […]

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Combining Social Media & Offline Marketing

social media

3 Strategies for Combining Social Media and Offline Marketing Hashtags often generate a 50 percent increase in online engagement for brands that utilize them. that doesn’t mean, however, that you should only use them online. Upon getting a short and clever hashtag, integrate it in most, if not all, of your ads. Whether it is […]

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