Blogging MistakesTo Avoid

blogging mistakes

Blogging Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Avert While there are a number of blogging goof ups that could hurt an organization, there are a few blogging mistakes that local business need to be aware of.  If you are aware of what not to do, then you you will not lose a lot of followers in one […]

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Marketing Your Startup Business

startup business

Marketing Methods For Startup Business Owners Small business makes up an immense part of the economy. In fact, the total number of small businesses in America jumped 49 percent since 1982. This is thanks to budding entrepreneurs who decide to develop startup companies every year. For these folks, marketing can be a particular annoyance. Fortunately, […]

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Twitter Changes & Social Media Marketing

twitter changes

3 Twitter Improvements That Will Improve Your Marketing There are now 310 million active users on Twitter every single month, so there is no denying the marketing potential of the site. You might already employ Twitter for marketing, and if so, you should know of some new updates. Do no worry, though, since these changes […]

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Ad Retargeting Benefits Local Businesses


The Small Business Advantages of Ad-Retargeting   Ad-Retargeting puts your ads in front of the hungry herd of buyers looking for your business right now.  At times, it is tough to know who will see the ads you are running. When customers see targeted ads based on the web pages they have visited prior to […]

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3 Small Business Rebranding Methods


Rebranding 101: Tips for the Small Business Owner Rebranding:  Here are 3 proven tips to use in your business.  Don’t this you simply need a product or a service.  Your brand is the first thing you need to consider to be successful. Conduct Consumer Research Before applying a great rebranding strategy, it’s important to do […]

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3 Small Business Marketing Tips

marketing tricks

3 Small Company Marketing Tricks For Success In today’s social media there are many ways to get your message out to the market and here are 3 marketing tricks that your small business can use for success. Reusing Old Content Even small enterprises that have nominal social media reach put out a few posts that […]

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Small Business Twitter Tips That Work


Twitter Tips That Really Work For Small Establishments You have created content and want to make sure to get as many eyeballs on it as possible.  Here are some Twitter Tips that work very well for small businesses and their campaigns to drive more traffic to their website. . Implement Automated Posting Tools Many local […]

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Email Marketing Builds Business Branding

email marketing extreme marketing concepts

How Small Businesses Can Build A Brand With Email Marketing Small businesses often focus on just saying what they need to say in their email marketing messages. This could result in text-based emails being sent that are unattractive to the eye at best. Do not send simplistic emails like this. Every message you send should […]

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3 Small Business SEO Tricks

extreme marketing concepts seo

SEO Suggestions For Small Businesses For Speedy Results Here are 3 small business SEO tricks that you can start using in your business immediately that will help your business obtain greater visibility online. Have Time For Google My Business If there is one online strategy that local companies can use to gain offline revenue, it […]

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Marketing And The 2016 Primarieis


3 Marketing Tips Learned From the 2016 Presidential Primary We will learn many things in marketing and the 2016 Presidential Primary moves forward. Our top contenders have all showed us that marketing in today’s demographic is very different that it was even just 4 short years ago. Here are 3 tips we can apply to […]

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