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For us, success is defined not by our own balance sheet, but by the business opportunity generated on behalf of our clients each year.

We know firsthand the impact that well-executed marketing can have on your service provider business. Our founder,Terri Bork, started Extreme Marketing Concepts with a simple yet lofty premise, one that came from her challenges and successes working in an insurance agency.:

  1. Make it easier to market your business
  2. Use the power of technology and the Internet
  3. Apply a systematic approach to generating qualified interest, following up on that interest and converting it into business opportunity

Terri Bork is the author of “The Google Places Bible” and “Finally Free” , and a popular public speaker.  You can often find her speaking to business owners on various marketing strategies.  Additionally, Terri Bork founded Go Mind Your Business  an original Internet talk radio/video show designed specifically for Marketing Your Business. Go Mind Your Business is a networking tool that provides business owners, authors and experts in their field the opportunity connect with members of the online community and share their knowledge.  Their program is structured in an interview fashion.

Extreme Marketing Concepts, LLC is based out of the Tampa, New Port Richey  FL area. We specialize in helping you market your business online so your customers can find you through Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine OptimizationSocial Media Marketing, Referral Marketing, Reputation Marketing, Video Marketing, Website Design and Local Search/Map Marketing.

Extreme Marketing Concepts, LLC brings an affordable proven option to local businesses who are tired of the over promising and not delivering of other companies. Most businesses know that they should be doing something different but just don’t know where to turn.

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Extreme Marketing Concepts team offers a wealth of experience and a pragmatic approach to marketing that emphasizes thorough execution.

Extreme Marketing Concepts… , Crush Your Competition, Drive More Traffic & Dominate Your Market!

Terri Bork
President ~ Author ~ Speaker

Extreme Marketing Concepts

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