7 Ways to Increase Checkout Page Conversions

17 Ways to Increase Checkout Page Conversions

You’ve done quite a lot of work, and presumably spent some money to get your prospective customer to your checkout page, and then, inexplicably, they leave without completing the transaction. Studies show that approximately 67 percent of shopping carts are abandoned.

Some of this is natural: second thoughts, distractions, and such. But what we want to minimize here are things you may be doing to sabotage your own sales. Here are 7 ways to improve your checkout page conversions you may not have thought of.

7 Easy checkout page conversion tips

  1. Offer free shipping – This is the top reason people leave your shopping cart, as they don’t equate the dollars they are being asked to spend for shipping as a part of the value they’re getting. Studies show that offering free shipping, even if it is less money than a proposed discount, is preferred. Perception rules here.
  2. Your text makes a difference – The words used to sell and especially on your buy buttons can have a tremendous impact on your results. Make sure you test a number of choices before investing heavily in ads.
  3. Don’t ask for too much information – This is another biggie. In this era of no privacy, asking for more than you require is a red flag. It can and does make people leave, and head for another merchant.
  4. Use seals and badges – If you’ve got any Trust seals or verifications by any internet security companies, display those prominently on the checkout page, in addition to restating of your guarantee.
  5. Include a way to contact you – Giving people an easy way to contact you if they need more information makes a lot of sense, whether it be via email, phone or FAQ page.
  6. Employ images – People like to see what they’re getting, so try to include a small product image on the checkout page for reassurance.
  7. Consider live chat – Sometimes people just need a live touch form another human to get them to pull out the credit card. Offering a live chat solution can be just what they need to make a decision in your favor.

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