10 Ways to Get More Customers to Open Your Emails

How to Get Your Customers to Open your Emails!

Email OpenAre your email open rates a source of embarrassment? Taking steps to boost them is easier to accomplish than you may think. According to Epsilon.com, email open rates sport an industry average of around 27.4 percent, with wide variations for markets. Knowing your email open rates and the way to improve them ought to be high on your to-do list!

So without further fanfare, here’s our down and dirty 10 best tips for bettering your email open rates.

  1. Create something worth reading – Undoubtedly, the most effective way to get your email opened is to write something your email list can’t wait to get more of.
  2. Length & timing – We’re all busy, and lengthy emails that wander and fail to get to the point are hardly ever looked forward to. Furthermore, not making use of optimum sending times doesn’t help.
  3. Build great subject lines – This is actually the biggest factor in whether or not your email gets opened. Invest time to write great subject lines.
  4. Use your first line effectively – Closely connected is the first line, part of which is visible in their inbox. This as well is valuable real estate, and don’t allow yours to be filled with things like “If you don’t see any images in this message…”
  5. Give them what they really want! – You should definitely make an effort to provide solutions.
  6. Offer great deals and savings – Everyone loves to save a little and your email is an excellent platform to pass on any deals or specials your business is offering.
  7. Teach – Presumably they are browsing your email and or newsletter because they would like to learn something from you. Don’t disappoint!
  8. Try and be entertaining – Don’t be boring! Use humor, wit, and a little bit of controversy from time to time, but you should never offend at the same time.
  9. Make your From line recognizable – Having your company name or the person who is branded as the sender imparts trust.
  10. Resend your unopens – A simple action to take, taking the time to resend to your unopened email is an easy way to increase your open rates.

By following these simple tips, you will notice a greater open rate on your emails.  Need help?  Extreme Marketing Concepts is happy to help.  We are just a phone call away.  You can reach us at 813-863-1452.

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